Rabarbra Null: alkoholivaba rabarberivahuvein



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Rabarbra Null: alkoholivaba rabarberivahuvein
Rabarbra Null: alkoholivaba rabarberivahuvein

Rabarbra Null: alkoholivaba rabarberivahuvein
0.5% vol, 750 ml
Ühes kastis on 6 pudelit.

Rabarbra Null on kuiv ja värske alkoholivaba vahuvein, mis on saadud dealkoholiseeritud rabarberi veinist (jah, see on tehtud Rabarbrast)  ja värskest külmpressitud rabarberi mahlast. Null ei sisalda kontsentraate ega maitse- ja lõhnatugevdajaid ning on vähese süsivesikute ja suhkrusisaldusega. 100% zen, halal ja vegan!

Sisaldab sulfitit.

 Naudi jahutatult, võimalusel pokaalist ja jaga enda muljeid @nudistdrinks

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Rabarbra Null: non-alcoholic rhubarb sparkling wine
0.5% vol, 750 ml
One box includes 6 bottles.

Rabarbra Null is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine made of de-alcoholised rhubarb wine (yes, it is made of the original Rabarbra) and fresh cold-pressed rhubarb juice. No concentrates nor artificial flavours or aromas. No grapes. Low sugar. Low carbs. 100% zen, halal, vegan, you name it. 

So greetings to all the new moms and moms-to-be as well as the health-conscious, productivity-first and similar people. We finally made it!

Yes, it is dry, fruity and fresh. Yes, it is absolutely amazing! But...

Due to our home-made de-alcoholising process (which is a real pain), we can only produce extremely limited quantities over the following months until we get some real equipment. 

Enjoy chilled, preferably from a wine glass and share your thoughts with us @nudistdrinks

Rabarbra Null: alkoholivaba rabarberivahuvein
Rabarbra Null: alkoholivaba rabarberivahuvein