Our winery, bar and factory store is open in the heart of Telliskivi quarter. It's a winery during the working hours and shop throughout the day.

We would like to think that it's the hottest bar in town. Perhaps we are not there yet but we are definitely the only one that produces wine on the spot and runs winery tours and tastings.

Come by for a drink, tour, party or shopping.


Wed-Thu 17-00
Fri 16-03
Sat 16-02


Mon-Tue 10-17
Wed-Fri 10-22
Sat - 16-22 

Booking enquiries are welcome at or +372 522 9668


The best way to visit us, is to book a winery tour and tasting just for your own gang.

While on tour, we will walk you through the history of Nudist Drinks introducing the people, principles and "why" behind our whole product range and company. We will show you our current means and methods of fermentation, bottling and product development. Obviously we will taste the whole range of Nudist Drinks from ciders & tonic waters to our latest products and obviously our sparkling wines. Those who don't resist, will be very tipsy by the end. And it’s a promise!