Nudist is a new-age (operating in a garage and everything) winery that does not dig traditions and despises prejudice. Instead, we celebrate diversity and healthy hedonism along with a few wicked sins.

Our mission is to start and lead a new era of sparkling fruit wines. They did not have to become cheap blends of random wines, extra aromas and flavours, not to mention added colours. Our wines follow basic ethics of only using natural and unprocessed raw materials, skimping with sugar and staying away from concentrates and additives. Just fruits fermented. Too simple to be true.
So we do not use grapes, ok. We focus on making young and sparkling fruit, berry or even vegetable wines and do our best to bring the fruit forward while keeping the wine dry. Well balanced, slightly lighter than conventional sparkling wines, (too) easy to drink and last but not least - natural and beautiful inside out. We suggest you give them a try unless you are blown away and already buying our promise on the paper.

Wanna know more? Come and visit us at our winery (Nõmme-Kase 34A, Tallinn) almost every Thursday 3pm to 7pm. (double-check on our Instagram, we will definitely notify if we have to skip a Thursday)

Wanna make the best investment of your lifetime? Check this page out.

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Sales Director
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Sales Manager
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Sales Secretary
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Country Manager
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Jack of All Trades
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Chief Production Officer
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Heikki Podnek

Proud Blue Collar

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The Artist

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Co-Founder & Director

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Co-Founder & Good Cop

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Co-Founder & Bad Cop