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We are Nudist Drinks, a fast-growing craft drink factory operating in Tallinn, Estonia. Our journey started in a small garage, where we did our first experiments with cider fermentation. Then came tonic and... Roughly two years, numerous courses and apprenticeships with esteemed cider and wine manufacturers later, we are here. Close to becoming the biggest and most popular winemakers in Estonia. 

Winemaker, you ask? How did that happen? Well, one day we decided to make our first sparkling wine - Rabarbra. And it turned out to be a huge hit among local people and tourists. So we figured that we should dedicate ourselves to pushing the limits of sparkling wines, instead of concentrating only on cider and tonic.

By now we are mainly known for our sparkling wines. And for obvious reasons! We make our bubbly out of fresh berries and - wait for it - vegetables! We take great pride in using sugar sparingly, with the aim of tickling your taste buds with natural components. It´s a pretty no-brainer formula – find exquisite flavour combinations straight out of weedy backyard crops, don't use grapes, chemicals and don't compromise on quality. Easy-peasy!

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Mihkel Männik

Managing Director
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Marketing Manager
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Service Manager
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Sales Manager
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Export Manager
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Production Manager
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