First of all, we need to thank all our current investors. With your investments, we were able to take Nudist to another level. In fact, we have grown 2.5x bigger and faster than we dared to dream and forecast back in 2017.

We have already started a sparkling fruit wine boom in Estonia (no scientific reference here, disagree if you want). But we are set out to shake the traditional wine industry throughout Central and Northern Europe with first focus on Helsinki.

And while we are already growing remarkably fast and (very) profitably, we need more capital to make an effective impact on foreign markets. Therefore, we are inviting all our current and future fans to join our already existing 89 shareholders (most of them proud and happy as far as we know) and invest in Nudist.

Our current investment round is led by Veiko Visnapuu (Trigon Asset Management, EstBAN) and it is already live (but not public) on Funderbeam. As of 29th of May, we have successfully raised over 200k from our existing shareholders and another 200+k from our fans and people that have signed up their interest to invest.

Our goal is to raise a total of 500 000 EUR and it looks like we succeed without going public with our offer. We do not intend to collect indications over the maximum goal and therefore close the round after reaching the goal.

So it's about last time to learn more and perhaps jump on board before we sell out.