The Best of Nudist ULTRA DELUXE


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The Best of Nudist ULTRA DELUXE
The Best of Nudist ULTRA DELUXE

"The Best of Nudist" is a compilation featuring 6 of our best-selling and chart-topping mega hits from the heights of our career. Ultra Deluxe Edition comes with both Nudist sweatshirt and socks on top of 6 wines.

1. RabarbraFresh and nicely balanced sparkling wine made purely out of raw rhubarb juice. Awarded, beloved etc. 8.0 % vol, 75cl.

2. Принцесса -  Sparkling gooseberry wine inspired by cocky Russian girls and the legendary Сове́тское шампа́нское. 9.2% vol, 75cl.

3. Diana - A blood red raspberry sparkling wine made in memory of rebels with a cause. Don't be fooled by its sweet looks, it is exactly as dry as the previous ones. 8.0 % vol, 75cl.

4. Rabarbra Brut Organic - "The Best Organic Drink 2019" and a bearer of "Pääsukesemärk" - a real superstar of our selection. 11.0% vol, 75cl. 

5. Pointless Glögg - Just some apple wine mixed with blackcurrant juice and ginger bread spices. Low alcohol, low sugar. Nothing special. 6.0% vol, 75cl.

6. Another Pointless Glögg - Pretty much the same as the previous, but based on gooseberry wine and spices that worked well with it: tonka beans, bitter orange peals, white pepper to name a few. 5.5% vol, 75cl. Currently sold-out, sorry!

#fakechampagne applies equally to all of them. Enjoy!

NB! See Platinum edition that also features the one and only, extremely limited Fragaria Vesca. Or go back to the regular or Deluxe edition to cut price.

The Best of Nudist ULTRA DELUXE
The Best of Nudist ULTRA DELUXE

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