Fragaria Vesca Brut Nature | № 028-054



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Fragaria Vesca Brut Nature | № 028-054
Fragaria Vesca Brut Nature | № 028-054

Wild Strawberry Sparkling Wine | Metsmaasikavahuvein

Brut Nature 12% vol 75cl

Fragaria Vesca is latin for wild strawberries. Brut Nature means extremely low and only natural residual sugar content below 3 g per liter (ie "brut" refers to up to 11 g respectively).

So Fragaria Vesca Brut Nature means that we managed to get hold of almost 400kg of hand picked wild strawberries from summer 2018, pressed them into juice, fermented into wine and got 300 bottles of sparkling wild strawberry wine. The wine is unique to say the least, therefore please forgive as the price - it's not easy nor cheap to buy wild strawberries in bulk.

While deliberately unfiltered, the wine is still clear and rich copper coloured. Despite almost no sugar, the wine has a balanced palate as the overall acidity is moderate. Almost sweet and clearly wild strawberry in the aroma, it tastes clear notes of caramel and bitter iron - in a good way of course. While there's no tradition in making wild strawberry wine, we consider it age-worthy so should you keep it, make sure you leave it upright somewhere dark and cool.

NB! Do not expect anything similar to Rabarba. It is quite the opposite.

Availability and pricing

Total 330 bottles made. Each of them numbered. Bottles 301-330 will be sold via tasting events and Nudist's pop-up bars. Bottles 001 to 300 are available to buy from our online store and winery. Price varies from 50€ to 100€ per bottle depending on the sequence number of the bottle. Prices are negotiable for purchases from 6 bottles.

№ 271-300 50€/bottle (sold out)
№ 244-270 55€/bottle (sold out)
 217-243 60€/bottle (sold out)
№ 190-216 65€/bottle (sold out)
 163-189 70€/bottle (sold out)
№ 136-162 75€/bottle (gift sale until 19.12)
№ 109-135 80€/bottle (gift sale until 19.12)
№ 082-108 85€/bottle (gift sale until 19.12)
№ 055-081 90€/bottle
№ 028-054 95€/bottle
№ 001-027 100€/bottle (selling out quickly)
Fragaria Vesca Brut Nature | № 028-054
Fragaria Vesca Brut Nature | № 028-054

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